Lead Software Engineer / UX / Front-end Web Developer.

Hi there, I’m Alex, an Italian geek based in Hong Kong.

I love creating easy-to-use interfaces, optimising app performance, and maintaining code that’s reliable, scalable and easy to read. Sharing my expertise on these topics fuels my passion and allows me to contribute meaningfully. I’m keen on learning and have a curious mindset.

I have experience working both as a freelancer and as a full-time employee, in-house, hybrid, and remotely. I’ve worked for companies of various sizes, from startups to enterprises. Currently, I’m employed fully remotely as a Lead Software Engineer for a large company with people from all around the world. My responsibility involves building and maintaining the front-end of a large web application based on a micro-frontend architecture, leading and mentoring various teams.

Hands-on / Skills: Figma, HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, React, TypeScript, Redux Toolkit, Jest, React Testing Library, Webpack, NextJS, JSON Web Tokens, CI/CD, SonarCloud, Azure DevOps, Microfrontend architecture, Storybook, Astro, GraphQL, Docker, PHP, Laravel, Forge, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Accessibility, SEO.